Manufacturing Capacity

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CNC Machining







  • x=2600 mm; y=1000 mm; z=1000 mm

    x=1820 mm; y=1000 mm; z=800 mm

    x=1350 mm; y=640 mm; z=650 mm

    x=1100 mm; y=600 mm; z=650 mm

    x=1100 mm; y=600 mm; z=650 mm

    x=800 mm; y=540 mm; z=620 mm

    x=450 mm; y=350 mm; z=350 mm

  • x=600 mm; z=1250 mm

    x=500 mm; z=520 mm

    x=760 mm; z=2000 mm

    x=900 mm; z=2000 mm

    x=710 mm; z=3000 mm

    x=850 mm; z=4000 mm

    x=400 mm; z=1000 mm

    x=360 mm; z=1000 mm

  • Swing: 1250 mm; Max drilling Ø: 50 mm

    Max drilling Ø: 50 mm

  • Capacity: 440 x 610 mm (square); 440 mm (round)

    Capacity: 190 x 190 mm (square); 190 mm (round)

  • MAG CO or mixed gas (CO-N)

    WIG (TIG) with N protective gas

  • x=1200 mm; y=1200 mm; z=1200 mm

    600x300x200 mm

    Max groove width: 70 mm; Max groove length: 700 mm